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340B savings have become critical to ensuring Disproportionate Share Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals have the resources necessary to care for their communities.

Third party providers can help hospitals maximize their savings by offering a wide variety of solutions. Primary among these is the ability to minimize audit risk around the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Additional valuable solutions include: the ability to work with contract pharmacies; prescription discount cards; and expertise working with specialty pharmacies, capturing referral claims, and finding fallout claims. They may also have the ability to split billing between 340B, non-340B, and GPO purchases. 

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340B. Simplified. SUNRx partners with Covered Entities and Pharmacies to manage the complexities of the 340B program, continuously evolving solutions that promote transparency and provide choice in decision-making.

SUNRx provides a complete 340B Solution.

  • Works collaboratively to improve 340B performance.
  • Combines our technology and expertise to streamline processes.
  • Provides knowledge and insight for informed decision-making.

Complete 340B Solutions:

  • Contract Pharmacy
  • Uninsured 340B Prescription Discount Card
  • 340B Pharmacy Solution
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Referral Capture
  • Advanced Claims Capture
  • Split Billing
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