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Your organization is unique, so your unemployment claims processor should customize their services to meet your needs. Beyond offering competitive rates, a vendor should have deep experience managing claims and provide aggressive, but fair services to ensure your organization doesn’t pay more than necessary.
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United Claims Management program is designed to help organizations efficiently manage and process workers’ compensation and/or unemployment insurance claims.

Our Unemployment Program offers two options to employers seeking unemployment claim management services.  Our Fee-For-Service program services employers choosing to insure on their own.  Our Group program services Public Hospital Districts that choose to band together and share administrative and operational costs.   Both programs provide comprehensive claims management services, including application tracking, protest and appeal management, benefit charge verification as well as ongoing education and training. By leveraging industry expertise and advanced technology, Washington Hospital Service’s United Claims Management program helps its customers streamline their claims processing workflows, improve separation documentation, and reduce benefit charges. With a focus on accuracy, compliance, and education, the program aims to support its customers in navigating the complex landscape of insurance claims while minimizing financial risks.

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