The gift of tissue donation is made possible by an ecosystem of cooperation within a community of hospitals, tissue recovery agencies, hospices, funeral homes, law enforcement, coroners, medical examiners, first responders – and most importantly, individuals.

Hospitals play a unique and critical role in supporting both tissue recipients and donors. The cooperative relationship between a hospital or health system and a tissue partner is something to be applauded, and also carefully considered. There is a wide variety of tissue partners that provide different services. For instance, full-service tissue banks offer a complete range of services to facilitate the gift of donation, while tissue recovery agencies rely on secondary processors. Another distinction is that some tissue banks prioritize keeping tissue in the community while others ship it out of state. Hospitals should consider all these factors when it’s time to choose a partner.

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The only full-service, non-profit tissue bank in the Pacific Northwest that recovers, prepares and distributes tissue back to the local community.

LifeNet Health’s Northwest headquarters is located in Renton, WA, where more than 90 dedicated staff partner every day with local hospitals, law enforcement, funeral homes and other community organizations. We are committed to the communities we serve, providing education and bereavement support to donor families and life-saving tissue to patients throughout the Northwest and across the globe. We are also an international center of excellence for research and development in allograft and tissue engineering through its Institute of Regenerative Medicine. LifeNet Health’s mission is to save lives, restore health and give hope to thousands of patients each year.

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