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What services does your community need? What services are they seeking outside your community? Are there opportunities to reduce length of stay?

A good hospital analytics program should be able to answer these questions and more in a reliable fashion using tools that don’t require expertise in statistics and modeling. The ability to answer all of the important questions facing your organization will help ensure you have the resources to appropriately care for your community today and into the future. 

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For what services are patients leaving my community?  What inpatient or outpatient claims have the highest proportion of commercial patients?  What zip codes have the highest rates of service use for a particular service?

Leveraging statewide inpatient and outpatient claims data, DASH Premium helps hospitals throughout Washington answer these and other market-related questions.  DASH Premium is built on the Tableau platform to provide actionable intelligence for executives and service line leaders, as well as customized tools for analytical staff to take deep dives and answer key questions.

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