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When employees are injured on the job, they need to be cared for, and your organization needs to be protected from fraud and abuse. It is important to know that there are alternatives to insuring with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Whether your organization self-insures or is part of a group, you will need an experienced claims processor to care for both your employees and your organization. Your third party administrator should have extensive experience in the healthcare industry, provide the latest technology for tracking your claims, offer dedicated claims processors, and proactively work with your team to minimize claims risks.

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United Claims Management program is designed to help organizations efficiently manage and process workers’ compensation and/or unemployment insurance claims.

The program offers comprehensive claims management services, including online claims submission, electronic file documentation and diary management with employer access,  return-to-work program education, safety prevention programs, regulation and policy advice and technical claim management services By leveraging industry expertise and advanced technology, Washington Hospital Service’s United Claims Management program helps its customers streamline their claims processing workflows, enhance their safety program, reduce injuries , improve injury outcomes and lower program costs. With a focus on accuracy, compliance, and timely delivery of benefits, the program aims to support its customers in navigating the complex landscape of insurance claims while minimizing financial risks.

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Brian Earl
The WHS workers compensation program provides an exceptional level of service by diligently partnering with us on the management of each case resulting in significant long-term savings.
Eric Moll
Chief Executive Officer, Mason General Hospital and Family of Clinics