Healthcare Executive Compensation

Your organization must have the right leaders, at all times, focused on the mission, vision, and culture necessary to achieve short- and long-term goals.

Benefits consultants play a key role in recruiting, retaining, and rewarding your leadership team. They should offer a variety of tools that are customized to meet the needs of your organization and its leadership.

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Modern Capital Executive Solutions helps healthcare systems put their top talent first. Our team designs, implements, and services custom plans to retain and reward key individuals within an organization. This could be C-Suite executives, physicians, or leaders of departments that are invaluable to the organization.

In today’s tumultuous workforce market, Modern Capital works to achieve each organization’s unique retention goals. Most clients desire plans that will retain key individuals for 10+ years, and deliver tax advantaged or tax-free benefits. Not only does this make an individual recipient very satisfied, but it also helps the hospital’s bottom line by flipping an annual expense into an interest generating investment. Modern Capital’s presence on the West Coast and positive partnership with WSHA will hopefully lead to a stronger, committed healthcare workforce across the state of Washington.

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