Supplemental Healthcare Staffing

Hospitals need temporary staff to supplement the current workforce for peak loads, special projects, or planned and unplanned worker absences. A supplemental workforce solutions organization should take a consultative approach to partnering with each hospital to create individual programs that meet their specific needs.

Hospitals can choose to partner with a few agencies or one managed service provider that acts like a broker, partnering with hundreds of agencies while offering hospitals the ease of managing only one contract. The best partners provide free orientation, no conversion fees, and work consistently to make sure hospitals are not paying above market rates. Additional benefits worth seeking are technology platforms and a mobile app that provides 24/7 visibility and data analytics to drive decision making.

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Qualivis workforce solutions managed services is designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations seeking supplemental staff.

Qualivis provides seamless integration, consolidated processes, standardization and automation for the full lifecycle of staffing procurement. Our workforce solutions managed services creates efficiencies, increases savings, mitigates risk and improves quality. Through a full suite of services—including program management, oversight and best-practice standards for contingent staff—Qualivis workforce solutions managed services is your one-stop shop for exceptional supplemental staffing. Plus, when you implement this comprehensive workforce solution, you benefit from our ongoing commitment to user satisfaction for our clients, clinicians and trusted partners.

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They have a lot of data to share to make informed decisions. They have a committed team to assist the hospital meet their staffing needs/goals/objectives. They pivot with the industry/times. They are relevant!
David V.
Manager, HR Operations