Healthcare Negotiations Training

Almost everyone’s job requires negotiation, but very few people have received formal training to help them be successful. In healthcare negotiating a contract with a vendor, a payor, or a union can be challenging. Without practice and specific skills, your organization can suffer.

A proper healthcare negotiations training program should address the activities that must take place before any negotiation, the skills necessary to conduct a successful negotiation, and plenty of chances to practice. The best programs contextualize the training for the healthcare setting.

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Washington Hospital Service’s Negotiations Program empowers hospitals and healthcare organizations to effectively negotiate with suppliers, unions, and others.

With experienced negotiators, the program helps hospital staff develop and improve skills that should be employed prior to and during negotiations to secure favorable terms and pricing. Through skill development and role play activities participants will develop the tools they need to prepare for and conduct successful negotiations that deliver concrete results for their organizations.

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Jenn Bui
I learned so much from Dr. Bauman's 4-hour negotiations course that I saved my organization $60,000​ when I renegotiated a contract the following week. ​Dr. Bauman combines research-based skills building with interactive role play exercises in a way that is both fun and highly informative. I was disappointed when the course was over: I wanted more! I recommend this program for anyone responsible for negotiating on the part of their companies.
Elya Prystowsky, PHD
Executive Director at The Rural Collaborative