Who is Washington Hospital Services?

WHS is the services arm of the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA), providing a wide range of industry knowledge to help providers elevate the quality and efficiency of their patient care and business operations. In addition to offering in-house expertise in peer review, workforce education, third party workers comp administration and more, we connect health care organizations to a carefully curated set of Preferred Partners with proven, highly specialized competencies.

By seamlessly combining this collective experience, WHS seeks to help health care organizations best serve their communities.

WHS leverages the collective expertise and experience of Washington’s health care leaders to help hospitals and other organizations care for their communities.


Washington Hospital Services is the services arm of the Washington State Hospital Association. Our mission is to serve as a vehicle for collaboration, inspiration, and a progressive partnership on behalf of all WSHA members.  WHS provides our members with innovative and affordable business solutions.

WHS has an extensive vetting process that begins with an application that confirms that the partner has a viable company, offers a needed service, and offers superior customer service and pricing.  If the service is highly technical, staff will consult with hospital subject matter experts to help select a vendor.  The final step in the process includes extensive reference checks both in Washington State and nationwide.

Absolutely not. We serve organizations in many industries.

United claims management is the vehicle through which we deliver third party worker’s compensation and unemployment claims management services to our clients, health care and non-health care alike.

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Our people

Executive Leadership

Eric Lewis
President, WHS

Brian Earl
Sr. Director of Safety & Claim Services
(206) 216-2534
(206) 577-1898

Ed Phippen
Vice President, WHS
(206) 216-2556

Workers’ Compensation

Connie Pray
Assistant Director, Client Services and Compliance
(206) 216-2540
(206) 577-1910

Nate Beyene
Medical Only Adjudicator
(206) 216-2548

Eric Gutzwiler
Safety Manager
(206) 577-1811
(206) 577-1898

Patricia Wilder
Time Loss Adjudicator
(206) 577-1801

Amy Mauck
Time Loss Adjuster
(206) 216-2531

Mike Toney
Claims Assistant
(206) 216-2542

Unemployment Compensation

Lex Phan
Unemployment Claims Manager
(206) 216-2522
(206) 577-1921

Peer Review and Compliance Audits

Rich Boucher
Assistant Director, Quality & Clinical Services
(206) 216-2504
(206) 577-1942

Industry Partners and Sponsorships

Cynthia Hay
Director, Business Solutions

Board Members

Hilary Whittington
CFO, Pulse Heart Institute

Kym Clift
CEO, Tri-State Memorial
Member at Large

Jeannine Grinnell
CEO, UW Medicine Valley
Medical Center
Member at Large

Ramona Hicks
CEO, Coulee Medical Center
Member at Large

Brian Ivie
CEO, Skagit Regional Health
Member at Large

Eric Lewis
President, WHS

Robert Mach 
CEO/Superintendent, Arbor Health
Member at Large

Chad Melton
President, St. Michael Medical
Member at Large

Jason Moulding
Vice President, Supply Chain Management, MultiCare Health System
Member at Large

Julie Norton Stewart
CFO, Island Health
Member at Large

Tina Toner
CNO, Jefferson Healthcare
Member at Large

Carrie Youngblood
Chief Human Resources Officer, UW Medicine Valley Medical Center
Member at Large