Women’s Healthcare Leadership Program

Women in leadership face unique obstacles. One small example is how women are often judged not just on how successful they are, but on how ‘nice’ they are while achieving success. For a variety of reasons, women can benefit from development that is customized to help them achieve their potential.

Women make 80 percent of health care purchase and usage decisions, but hold fewer than 20 percent of executive health care leadership roles nationwide (though likely higher in Washington). Healthcare organizations that invest in developing their female leaders will be better prepared to care for their patients. Such leadership programs should focus on skills that evidence suggests can be under-developed in women. They should showcase examples of women in leadership positions and provide opportunities to help women develop their professional networks.

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Advance your career through impactful leadership and become a resilient leader in today’s ever-evolving workplace.

There is no better time than now to empower women to maximize their unique strengths and prepare them for their journey to senior leadership.

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Jenn Bui
My experience with the Women’s Leadership Program was outstanding! The speakers, course content and collateral were great. The certification I received has bolstered my career path as a health care executive and the collaborative nature of the structure is ideal for women leaders representing organizations of any size. I would take the course over again for sure and highly recommend it!
Jennifer Capps
Chief Development and Communication Officer, Mason Health