Keeping Up With Clinical Risk Management: 2020’s Most Challenging Joint Commission Standard

Share Each year, The Joint Commission (TJC) releases their findings on the requirements most frequently identified as “not compliant” during surveys of various accreditation programs. Although fewer surveys were conducted over 2020 due to COVID-19, TJC was able to identify key requirements where healthcare organizations failed to comply with National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) and […]

Are You Asking Patients About Their Digital Health Connectivity?

Share Digital health technology, which includes the electronic tools, systems, devices, and resources that generate, store, and process data, exploded. COVID-19 pushed forward these digital tools that allowed patients to communicate remotely with healthcare providers in real time, wearable sensors that transmitted health information from the device directly back to a database, and apps that […]

Diving Into Crime Insurance

Share Commercial crime or business crime insurance is an essential coverage to have, as it provides protection for losses due to fraud, embezzlement, theft, forgery, or any other business crime. Statistics show that every year businesses lose $50 billion due to employee theft and more than 30% of business bankruptcies are a result of employee […]