Your Guide to Maximizing Your CPT 99490 Reimbursement — 2024 Edition

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Share General Chronic Care Management (CCM) services, billed under CPT 99490, help Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions improve and manage their health. Medicare and Medicaid reimburse providers who offer CCM programs, because these programs reduce patient costs and healthcare spending by an average of $2,457 per patient. Even better, a wide variety of health […]

CCM Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

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Share Like all Medicare programs, Chronic Care Management (CCM) comes with legal and compliance questions. Donna Wilkinson, executive VP and legal counsel, answers the compliance questions ChartSpan, a CCM organization, receives most often. Continue Reading

5 Obstacles to Successful CCM and How to Overcome Them

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Share Chronic Care Management can help you provide monthly preventative care to Medicare patients, while raising your quality scores and increasing your revenue*. But it can be difficult to tackle billing, enrollment, tracking clinical hours, and all of CCM”s other compliance requirements without overwhelming your staff. Continue Reading