Project Management Foundations for Healthcare and Managing Projects with Microsoft Project™ Courses

Project Management Foundations for Healthcare is for anyone who participates or is looking to become involved in projects in the healthcare industry, from any area, in any role, with or without any prior formal project management training or prior project experience. Managing healthcare projects carries complex concerns not always found in traditional professional development or healthcare management courses.

This is a practical, hands on, “learn-by-doing” course.  It presents foundational concepts, tools and best practices in Project Management, which participants then use to plan, organize and control a “real” project, from start to finish. This course is designed to teach skills and techniques that can be immediately and easily applied on-the-job.  

Project Management Foundations for Healthcare LEARNING OBJECTIVES

Expand Project Management skills by learning how software can help manage projects – Managing Projects with Microsoft Project™ Course, immediately following the Foundations course is a practical, hands-on course on how software can help plan, schedule and track a project. Most importantly, participants will learn how to set up the software, so it does what they need it to do, as opposed to what the software wants to do!  No prior software knowledge or experience is required.

Managing Projects with Microsoft Project™ LEARNING OBJECTIVES

Space is limited – In order to maximize the benefit of these courses for participants, class size is limited to 20 participants (in each course) In a virtual classroom, this will allow sufficient time for questions, elaboration, dialogue, case study team assignments, as well as sharing of knowledge and experience in this specialized field. 

PMI Credits

Cost –

  1. Project Management Foundations for Healthcare, including digital copies of the courseand certificate of attendance is $1,545 per person. 
  2. Managing Projects with Microsoft Project™, including digital copies of the courseand certificate of attendance is $1,000 per person.
  3. Bundle – Register for both courses for $2,425 per person.

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