Quality Leaders Training

Quality Leaders Training In many organizations, newly minted quality leaders are picked for their technical prowess and interpersonal skills.  They are assigned responsibility for addressing quality programming and metrics and may need additional support to be successful in their new roles. Quality Essentials 101 is intended to help these new leaders thrive. Over 10 weeks, […]

Management Training

Healthcare Management Training In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, successful management requires more than technical and subject matter expertise alone. You can enhance your team’s potential with management training that is based on the latest evidence and also focused on the tactics of leading people in healthcare. Comprehensive training options allow participants to explore communication styles […]

Project Management Training

Healthcare Project Management Training Leading projects in a healthcare setting is complicated. Healthcare projects often cross departments that are naturally siloed in most healthcare organizations. This means that leaders must plan carefully and enlist colleagues to work on their projects. Managing budgets, timelines, and vendors, as well as dealing with unanticipated challenges are critical skills […]

Negotiations Training

Healthcare Negotiations Training Almost everyone’s job requires negotiation, but very few people have received formal training to help them be successful. In healthcare negotiating a contract with a vendor, a payor, or a union can be challenging. Without practice and specific skills, your organization can suffer. A proper healthcare negotiations training program should address the […]

Women’s Healthcare Leadership Program

Women’s Healthcare Leadership Program Women in leadership face unique obstacles. One small example is how women are often judged not just on how successful they are, but on how ‘nice’ they are while achieving success. For a variety of reasons, women can benefit from development that is customized to help them achieve their potential. Women […]

Online Education

Online Healthcare Education Courses Hospitals are learning environments. Whether required by regulation or best practice, education is necessary to keep your employees up to date. Outside vendors should provide best-in-class virtual content specific to your needs, as well as a learning management system that will enable your leaders to ensure compliance. News and Resources News […]

Physician Placement

Healthcare Physician Placement Services Finding a physician or mid-level provider to care for your community is a critical task of any healthcare executive. It’s important to find a provider who is not only well-qualified, but also a good fit for your organization and your community. If you seek outside help to recruit providers, know that […]