Waste Management

Medical Waste Management A healthcare medical waste management service helps keep hospitals efficient, safe, and sustainable. Hospitals need a suite of full-service solutions for regulated medical waste management, compliance training, and secure information destruction tailored to each facility’s needs. News and Resources News and resources for all services Preferred Partner Stericycle is committed to supporting […]

Patient Lending

Patient Lending Programs With the increasing prevalence of high deductible insurance plans, patients are increasingly in need of payment assistance options for financing medical bills. Some hospitals choose to carry this debt on their own and manage the resulting impact on their cash flow. Others are turning to third parties who can provide loans to […]

Charity Care

Charity Care Programs Washington state’s charity care laws are complicated and constantly evolving, which can make them challenging to implement. Procedures must follow the law. Policies must be complete and accurate. Training must reflect the policies and, most importantly, staff need to consistently follow their training. Hospitals may benefit from seeking a third party to […]

Provider Credentialing

Healthcare Provider Credentialing Hospitals are required to verify the qualifications and competency of the healthcare professionals they employ. To do this effectively, hospitals must gather information about providers’ skills, training, qualifications and work history, both initially and on an ongoing basis. If your organization struggles to perform this vital task consistently, you can parther with […]

Provider Enrollment

Healthcare Provider Enrollment Becoming a health plan network provider is a time-consuming, but critical component of the revenue cycle. Providers need to bill for and be reimbursed for the services they provide to their patients. If your organization does it periodically, it can be an extraordinarily complicated process with fractured lines of responsibility. Hiring a […]

Healthcare Receivables Management

The realities of inflation and labor shortages are causing hospitals across Washington to examine their highly manual processes to maximize efficiencies. Revenue cycle processes can fall into this category since both payments and refunds tend to occur with paper checks. This can both slow revenue cycles and increase opportunities for inadvertent errors. In addition, routine […]