Analytics Consulting

Hospital Analytics Consulting Not every hospital has dedicated analytical staff who can tackle every important question. For those organizations, a consulting firm with access to reliable data and the expertise to turn it into actionable intelligence can be an invaluable ally. News and Resources News and resources for all services If your hospital doesn’t have […]


Hospital Cybersecurity Solutions Small and rural hospitals are highly vulnerable to cybercriminals who view them as ideal testing grounds for attack strategies. After exploiting the smaller hospitals, criminals leverage their acquired knowledge to infiltrate larger hospitals and healthcare networks. Because hospitals are highly regulated and have unique needs, your cybersecurity vendor should have specific expertise […]

Managed IT

Managed IT Solutions for Healthcare Whether they have 5 beds or 500, hospitals are held to the same standards for IT service, reliability, compliance, and data protection. Fractional, as-needed support from an outside vendor can enable smaller hospitals to efficiently manage and protect IT infrastructure across their entire system. This support may include a fractional […]

Data Analytics

Hospital Data Analytics What services does your community need? What services are they seeking outside your community? Are there opportunities to reduce length of stay? A good hospital analytics program should be able to answer these questions and more in a reliable fashion using tools that don’t require expertise in statistics and modeling. The ability […]