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Scaled Data

ScaledData Health & Technology will fundamentally change what your organization can accomplish with your technology department. Our technology management programs bring real and positive change to Critical Access, Rural, SafetyNet, Independent hospitals, clinics, LTC and EMT organizations. Our unique approach, and programs, provide healthcare organizations the ability to deliver technology to staff, patients and community in a more focused, transparent, scalable and accountable method.

With an expanding presence in Washington State, ScaledData Health will elevate your technology department, bring accountability and transparency, guided by strategy and roadmaps for the future. Our experience with EMRs, Informatics, infrastructure, cyber risk and most importantly, Leadership, coalesced around our CareShare Technology Management program, will bring an economy to your Technology Department that will allow technology to work for you, not against you.

For more information, contact Ed Phippen, Vice President, WHS, at 206-216-2556 or

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