Access to Care

Access to Care

One of the WSHA’s priorities is to improve patients access to care. SB 6519 is an example of the success they have had in this area, as it makes is so physicians can be reimbursed for virtual visits that occur in the patient’s home. As WSHA ensures that our members can deliver the right care in a way that best meets the needs of the patient, all while keeping up with technological advancements, WHS has been looking for the right partners to meet the work flow needs of our members. Carena and InSight represent two outstanding telemedical solutions.


Carena has successfully partnered with Washington hospitals to provide virtual urgent care solutions. Their business model is unique because they supplement existing services instead of replacing them. This has allowed members to expand their patient care hours to include late nights and weekends without having to increase staff.


InSight provides telepsychiatry in a way that sets them apart from their competition. They employ the physicians that provide their service. These physicians then become members of the medical staff of the hospital so that the ED physicians are able build relationships with the same physicians all the time. It also allows those virtual physicians to gain familiarity and understanding for the specific needs of a community’s patient population. InSight was also the only company that we found that provided access to physicians who were trained in the needs of adolescents.

Advances in technology have created exciting opportunities for new business to provide innovative solutions that can improve patient outcomes. While WSHA makes sure that the legislative structures are in place that allow our members to take advantage of those opportunities, WHS will continue to find vendors that represent the very best that the market has to offer, such as Carena and InSight.