Industry Partner

Spacelabs Healthcare

Spacelabs Healthcare is a global manufacturer and distributor of patient monitoring solutions, connected care informatics, diagnostic cardiology, and supplies and accessories. Today’s technology allows us to capture more patient monitoring and related staff interactions than ever before. We provide that data locally as well as on remote and handheld devices.

Remote monitoring capability, scalability, and equipment that is quickly configurable for any situation has become critically important. Today, virtually any department or bed in the hospital can be turned into an ICU because of our universal patient monitoring approach. Every transport and bedside device is capable of monitoring a highly complex critical care patient and can be seen/added to any central station.

Patient monitoring solutions are available for every care area of the hospital including complex telemetry and eICU environments that provide centralized monitoring of multiple facilities across wide geographical locations.

Our cutting edge software components unite caregivers in near real time and assimilate data into meaningful clinical actions. We provide a robust patient safety and quality improvement platform for hospitals to identify, quantify, analyze and measure interventions against. Spacelabs patient care ecosystem integrates with any electronic medical record and multiple parallel products such as end user devices and staffing systems. We provide automated options for multiple manual processes which dramatically improves both staff satisfaction and patient safety.

Patient monitoring solutions are delivered for critical, sub-acute and perioperative care areas of the hospital, wired and wireless networks and ambulatory blood pressure monitors, all aimed at providing caregivers with timely patient information. Our diagnostic cardiology systems include Holter recorders and analyzers, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, resting and stress electrocardiography (ECG) devices, and ECG management software systems and related software and services.

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