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Sensato focuses on privacy and compliance by helping healthcare organizations comply, detect, and respond to cybersecurity risks and threats, providing solutions designed specifically for the unique challenges of healthcare information technology.

Sensato’s programs, systems, services, training, and intelligence gathering are the product of designing the highest level of security. Sensato’s solution stack powered by Sensato Nightingale™ is a next-generation fully integrated cybersecurity platform. Nightingale™ provides real-time packet-level monitoring of network traffic, host intrusion detection, and asset fingerprinting. As well as a compliance and incident response module for healthcare infrastructure, including patient attached medical devices and IoT devices.

The Sensato U.S. based Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC) embraces a unique tactical approach that includes 24x7 “eyes on glass” monitoring. The Sensato CTOC was explicitly designed for healthcare and is part of the Sensato ISAO, which has an MOU with the FDA and H-ISAC. Further, the Sensato CTOC includes a threat fusion capability, ransomware response center, and the first clinical cybersecurity rapid incident response program specifically designed for medical devices attacks.

Also, your healthcare organization will have the benefit of leveraging vulnerability assessments, best practices, risk management, and cybersecurity maturity modeling, which allows your organization to maintain compliance. Sensato currently provides its solution to HCO’s, Physician practices, Medical Device Manufacturers, and Government agencies.

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