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Pivio, by Lifestyle Medicine Institute (LMI), is a powerful lifestyle medicine solution that addresses the root cause of chronic disease. It builds upon the proven success of LMI’s forerunner, CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program), with a 35+ year history of research experience and 40+ published research articles confirming program efficacy and health outcomes. LMI’s lifestyle medicine solution has helped over 80,000 participants regain their health and vitality.

Pivio is a comprehensive lifestyle medicine program that provides participants an ecosystem of learning and support resources that act as a catalyst for behavior change. Some of these resources include guided group sessions, edutainment-style videos, online meal planner with access to over 2,000 nutritious recipes, wide array of educational materials such as scientific articles, fact sheets, and explainer videos on topics related to healthy living and much more. Pivio provides a framework that supports individuals to pivot away from chronic disease and towards optimal health.

LMI partners with employers, health care systems, physician practices and health plans to activate Pivio within their organizations to reduce escalating healthcare costs by improving the health and vitality of their employees and patients.

Learn how Pivio can transform lives within your organization.

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