Workers Compensation

We provide self-insured workers' compensation services, state fund oversight, and Trust management services on a fee-for-service basis. We attribute our nearly 30 years of success to our collaborative partnership, customized claims management, and comprehensive customer service.

Services include:

  • Dedicated applied technology professional.
  • Industry best-practice standards applied and measured.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Web-based technology.


  • Brian Earl
  • Director of Safety & Claim Services
  • (206) 216-2534
  • (206) 577-1898

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“The WHS workers compensation program provides an exceptional level of service by diligently partnering with us on the management of each case resulting in significant long-term savings.”

Eric C. Moll
Chief Executive Officer
Mason General Hospital & Family of Clinics

Unemployment Claims

We have offered unemployment claim services to health care organizations for nearly 30 years. We provide customized claim services at competitive rates with superior customer service.

Our strong leadership, aggressive and fair claims management style, and experienced professionals, will exceed your service expectations while reducing your program costs.

Unemployment claims services are offered through our self-insured hospital trusts and on a fee-for-service basis.


  • Brian Earl
  • Director of Safety & Claim Services
  • (206) 216-2534
  • (206) 577-1898

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External Peer Review

Our peer review service provides a systematic evaluation of quality and appropriateness of patient care and diagnosis. We offer on-site peer review to meet the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services conditions of participation for Critical Access Hospitals. We also offer focused reviews by specialists as part of credentialing and performance reviews. Our peer review services are now available to all hospitals in Washington State and Alaska.

Peer review site visits include:

  • Review of up to 45 charts in specific areas defined by CMS, Department of Health, and the facility,
  • A summary of findings written by the peer review physician with specific recommendations, and/or
  • A presentation on the findings for the facility medical staff, quality improvement committee or CEO. Continuing medical education designed to share clinical best practices and provide tools for medical staff use in improving patient care quality is also provided.

Our Medical Directors
The peer review service employs seven physicians. All are board certified or board eligible in emergency medicine or family practice and are actively practicing. They have been selected for their expertise, appreciation for rural hospital care quality, communication skills, and teaching ability.  In addition to in-patient chart review, peer review physicians provide clinic chart review on request, consultation and assistance with hospital medical staff bylaws, and support and assistance for privileging and credentialing issues.

Specialty Chart Review
WHS contracts with highly respected specialists from across Washington and surrounding states to provide chart reviews.  Our current specialties are: anesthesia, CRNA, cardiology, gastroenterology, general surgery, infectious disease, neonatology, neurology, OBGYN, oncology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, sleep medicine and urology.  We are constantly adding to our roster of specialists.

For more information, please contact:

  • Rich Boucher
  • Peer Review Program Manager
  • (206) 216-2504
  • (206) 577-1942

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“Merritt Hawkins has been an endorsed industry partner of WSHA for over 15 years. We have find the program extremely beneficial continuing to build our brand among WSHA members. We could not be happier and would recommend the program to other vendors.”

Corey Johnson
Merritt Hawkins

Industry Partner Promotion

We evaluate and promote quality service providers in the industry to promote and offer to our membership.

Interested in becoming an industry partner? Contact:


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LEAD Academy

LEAD Academy is an intensive six-day, 12-module training experience using innovative tools and experiential learning to empower recently hired, newly appointed or previously untrained health care leaders to better understand and use their strengths. Designed for health care supervisors and managers, LEAD is built on the underlying principle that effective leadership requires productive relationships to support excellence in patient care, sustainable business objectives and a safe patient environment.

LEAD Academy sessions provide a safe environment to practice newly learned skills and align work goals and actions to support the broader vision of the organization. Engaging activities guide participants through the process of understanding differing leadership styles and overcoming the distinct challenges of being a leader. Specific program focus areas include:

  • Self-development
  • Supporting the development of others
  • Managing and developing a successful organization

At the conclusion of the LEAD Academy, participating health care managers will be able to:

  • Improve the performance of the people and groups that report to them
  • Enhance their contribution to the achievement of facility and system objectives
  • Increase their own self-management skills during every day and stressful situations

To register, visit:


Pamela Cunningham is a Six Sigma Black Belt skilled at blending the technical with the human side of high performance. A highly regarded trainer, Pam conducted leadership training for clinical and non-clinical managers for private- and public-sector health care organizations including Marquette General Health System, BCBS Michigan, Metro Healthcare and CIGNA. She also has advised hospital executives on how to quickly and effectively resolve various organizational issues in such organizations as Lutheran, St. Vincent and Baptist Hospitals.

Marcey Uday-Riley, MSW, CPT, has been a human performance and organization development consultant for more than 25 years. For many years, Marcey was a clinical behaviorist and manager in a large, urban teaching hospital. She now helps organizations across multiple industries achieve business objectives as a consultant and trainer. She has provided executive, manager and leader training for multiple facilities.


The total cost for the 6-day, 12-module program is $1,910. This includes breakfast and lunch each day, course materials, and a DISC assessment, as well as follow-up tools and a certificate of completion for each module. You also have the option of registering individually for each 2-module, day-long session. Session one is $365, while each of the following sessions are $315 per day. Preference is given to those who register for the full 12-module session. There is a 10 percent discount for organizations with three or more participants. Organizations who would like to send more than 10 people through the program may want to consider bringing the program in house. For more information about this option, please contact Beth Zborowski at (206) 577-1807 or

QUESTIONS:  If you have questions about this program, please contact:


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Some of Our Clients

Washington Hospital Services is proud to do business with our clients. We have been working for 30 years with some of Washington’s best employers. Below are a few of our clients.