Industry Partner

Meridian Leasing Corporation

Meridian is a leading provider of aggressive FMV Equipment Leasing, Refurbished Medical Equipment, Medical Equipment Advisory Services, and IT Systems & Integration. Meridian understands the increased pressure on healthcare organizations to contain costs, improve quality, improve clinical outcomes and elevate patient safety. We are committed to building a long-term sustainable partnership with Washington State Healthcare organizations.

Healthcare organizations are turning to technology and strategic funding to speed their business agendas forward. Meridian understands the complexities of the healthcare market and the need for competitive pricing. As a leading independent lessor, and Value Added Reseller of IT equipment, Meridian is in a position to offer both leasing and supply to the Healthcare community. Whether a small rural hospital, or a large healthcare system, Meridian’s flexible solutions are poised to help CFOs and IT departments meet their objectives with excellent service.

For more information, contact Ed Phippen, Senior Director of WHS Program Development, at 206-216-2556 or

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